She is a member of a group of acolytes who serve Inquisitor Cassius Mourne


Carrier Path: Psyker (Ex-Batlle sister)

27 Weapon Skill
33 Ballistic skill
28 Strength
39 Thoughness
32 Agillity
35 Intelligence
35 Perception
42 Willpower
33 Fellowship


Common Lore Imperial Creed Common Lore Ecclesiarchy Psyniscience Invocation Literacy Speak language Low Gothic ,High Gothic Navigation- Stellar Pilot- Spacecraft

Weapon Training Meele (Primitiv)
Weapon Training Las
Weapon Training Bolter
Pure Faith
Unshakable Faith
Sanctioned Psyker

Psychic powers (disciplines)*
*Minor Psyhic powers

-Resist Possession


In the past Dorothea was a proud Battle Sister. But the Fate said otherwise. She became a psyker, a mutant in her sisters eyes. They treated as heretic, the Sisterhood locked in a cage like an animal. Maybe luck maybe the Emperor blessing but one day an Inquisitor came and rescue the girl. Two years since that day, the once was Sister serve the Inquisition and her rescuer cassius Mourne.


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